A Tiny Little Hottie

This girl is small as fuck, like 90lb, and definitely legal as well. I envy her boyfriend.. i would love to have a girl like this. She should go to do porn imo lol. Also, idk if she’s cold or just nervous, but she was always holding her arm and grabbing it. Maybe it’s some sort of coping mechanism hahah. I didn’t follow much.. tryna play it safer 😉 


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  1. Cute skinny girl…still preserves that youthful look even though shes legal age. I think youre right about the nervousness. I see girls do that thing where they Show off their midriff but keep their arm in front of their belly all the time…all girls think theyre fat even if they weigh 90 lbs. Or maybe she just likes to constantly grip something warm and hard all day. I would like to help her out with that

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