A Tiny Tight Teen Ass in Tight Ass Jeans

Sexy little thing here…. love me a small ass… do you too? 

This girl was an easy cap… she was either clueless or acted like it. I was breathing down her neck like a total creep getting those close up shots, and she did fuck all. Barely acted like she cared. I would love to dominate such a submissive little slut like this 😉 

    • Thanks! i use a background recorder app.. so i was just pretending to text someone with my phone faced to her. Pretty sure some woman was behind me, so they see no camera. This girl was extremely oblivious so i felt pretty safe getting aggressive with her. Maybe she thought i was attractive and non-threatening as well, so idk i look pretty normal so i can get away with some creepy shit and just kind of look like im flirting or being shy LOL. But regardless of how u look , unless ur a male model i suppose, it all really depends on the girl. Gotta feel out their vibes to get a read if she’s gonna be a problematic dumb cunt or a submissive good girl. Some girls are no non confrontational i swear u could grab their ass and they’d say nothing to no one LOL but don’t do that!


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