Adorable Girl in White Dress

This one was a lot of fun. She was suspicious of me right away, so she tried to move away from me on the escalator. Unfortunately for her, that just make the shot up her dress to her pale blue panties that much better. 

Here she's trying to see what I'm doing behind her without drawing attention to herself...

Moving away from me--whoops! There's her ass crack!

She was getting really freaked out by this point--and rightly so! I have pics of her tight teen ass and thong!


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this hot bae!!!
    I also have a thing for escalators and stairs too. Although footage can get shaky going upstairs…
    Hope to see more escalator shots from you!!!
    Great work!

    • Yeah, stairs can be shakey, but there’s also more skirt movement, and if you’re lucky you can get some thong movement too. I like escalators though for close ups, reaching my camera directly under the girl and keeping it there for a couple seconds.

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