AF Creeps Presents: Best of High School

What’s up guys? AF Creeps coming at you with a new series! I’ve decided to post some old high school creeps for you guys! I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to leave an upvote or comment. As always: stand tall, hold steady, and CREEP ON!!


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  1. My only motivation for school and college always has been this kind of body. You can so easily touch their asses while crossing doors at the same time without her noticing.
    I remember back in highschool, the corridor was very crowded, and next to me was a very sexy girl in leggings, I put my hand between her legs, almost like touching her pussy from behind, but in a so much blatant way. She didn’t even notice, she didn’t even look behind her, how lucky was I. Ah such nice memories lol. Great content btw


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Lovely girl for scanning tickets at the zoo-entrance


2 Teens in Leggings