Attention Seeking Sexy Blonde Gym Girl

You gotta love these girls who come in with the big shirts covering their slutty pants. I could sense this girl was horny to show off those ass eating leggings , she was just teasing for a bit at first. She would intermittently lift up her shirt for brief moments to show that bubbly ass… and eventually she tied her shirt off to show it off completely. And then of course, she just rips the shirt off to be in sports bra. What a whore.. and i love it. 

She kept looking at me to see if i was looking her. I’m glad i validated your ego you little slut, next time don’t make it so difficult for me to get off on your slutty outfit, just show it off from the get go and be a good girl. 🙂

She kept feeling her ass. Gotta love sluts who do that. She even slapped it once to get a good giggle out if it. 


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