baggy shorts pulled tight

Baggy at tge front up the ass at the back

tight ass teen

Teen shorts pulled tight


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  1. The pics are average, would have been a better shoot if pics would have been taken whole sitting on steps or up high. A lot of girls forget they are wearing baggy shorts and sit with legs open. You can get a good view until they notice every guy is making eye contact with her panties as they pass instead of face to face. But then most don’t care and watch you stare at their panties and keep their legs open, had that happen to me while watching a few girls.

  2. I forgot to add that you cant pose them how you like, if they are walking thats the nature of candid. Circumstances prevented better, closer shots. A snatch and grab type when you only have a few seconds to capture.
    4k video frames are more fruitful…

    • I know I am just talking sh#t, it takes real guts to take pics. It is easy for us or I to sit in the background and critique. I go to the mall or tourist sites and enjoy the view and way to scared to take pics. If I come across something that puts me on edge, I make sure I can wank before going home.

    • Easy most girls know what’s going and they enjoy it, this is the selfie / record everything you do in life generation. I remember being on the bus and this young girl was standing in front of me wearing shorts with cheeks slightly exposed. My phone was in my hand resting on my lap. She turns around after her friends whispers in her ear, looks at me and my phone which had the camera pointed at her ass.

  3. Smiles and pulls her shorts up more while making her ass jiggle and turns around and giggle with her friend. I didn’t have my camera on, way to scared too and their was a bus full of people hence why she had to stand during the bus ride. But prime example of her knowing what she is doing and thinking she knows what I am doing and enjoying the attention.

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