Best of High School Vol. 12 / Summer Creepathon Finale!

What’s up guys! AF Creeps here and today I will be closing out my Summer Creepathon! Consisting of three different series coming together, taking place over seven weeks, and totaling 19 posts including this one, the Summer Creepathon has been my most ambitious upload schedule to date. And I used to upload every day at one point lol. While I am sad to be closing it out today, I know there are new beginnings and new opportunities ahead.

I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow (today by the time you read this) so I hope you guys have truly enjoyed the Summer Creepathon and I wish you guys the best! Oh and when I get back I better see you lurkers posting some stuff!

That’s a wrap folks!
#CreepOn! #summercreepathon2021

Don’t worry everyone! The Summer Creepathon might be over but I still have plenty of content to deliver! It’ll all be headed your way soon!

Okay that’s enough out of you! Smh at these lurkers... Post your own damn content!

Best of HS will be going on Hiatus!

That’s right! I’m taking a break from this series for a while. I want to take this time to introduce my Best of HS All Stars series, a series that I wanted to include in the Summer Creepathon but had to put off because of my already overwhelming upload schedule. But don’t worry, as soon as I get a good start on Best of HS All Stars, I will start this series back up!

Thanks for viewing!
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Thanks guys! #creepnation


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