Countdown Single #2: Diary of a Busted Creeper (Part II)

Hey guys back with part two! Wow it feels so weird to be posting back to back lol.

It’s very late at the time I’m uploading this so I’m going to post my intro in the morning. I hope you guys enjoy part two! I’m gonna see if I can get some bonus videos posted too.

Thanks guys! #CreepOn!

Approximate moment of bust

Okay so I can’t say for sure exactly when I was busted as it was a third party who reported me to the professor after class without my knowledge. However, in the resulting meeting the administrator told me I was seen taking pics of her when she was bent over and so this is most likely the point when they caught on. Again? Do you guys think it was worth it?

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Bonus videos coming soon!

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  1. I got busted in the store 5 years ago cause a bitch that was stealing lied on me and I wasn’t even capping her I was capping a different girl, But getting busted definitely makes you way more aware of your surroundings in my experience. I use a spy Cam that can work under other apps That helps out tremendously when somebody’s watching your phone from behind or use a privacy screen protector and turn the brightness down, Using a phone case that has a hip clip also helps Keep you from having the phone directly behind their ass and raising their awareness I’ve slowed down a lot since getting caught but I still creep the good ones that have nice asses or major wedgies or cheeks hanging out. I managed to do a drive by on a girl at the pool at work and cap a good upskirt at Walmart last week.

  2. Damn is that a teacher? wearing that outfit to class im sure shes expecting some horny college guys to stare…probably would be disappointed if someone didnt notice. You probably made her day if she ever found out lol. always the haters ruining it for everyone

  3. AF, I love your content! You give idus superior motivation. Getting busted is part of the art. It happens. I’ve been busted countless times and have only had one girl say something about it. The other girls take it as a compliment. I look forward to more of your work as you are a CT.T lege.

    • Thx man. That really means a lot. I work my hardest to put out the best quality content on here. I did that when I first started and I will continue to keep doing that in the future.

      Creep on!

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