Creeper’s Delight! Feat. New Shooter

What’s up creepers?! AF Creeps here and I’m back with some more original content! Today I’d like to officially welcome new shooter to the candidteens community! As some of you may have seen, he’s already posted some pretty good content. And so we’re teaming up to bring you this very special collab! This post features both of our content, the final sets from my cruise candid series and some similar shots from new shooter. We hope you like it! In fact, if this post gets 25 upvotes, new shooter will post the second album! So make sure to hit that upvote button if you enjoy!

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📸 #Repost Playlist Conclusion
I have recently noticed that since the site has been updated all my previous posts are now visible! And so I will be closing out my #Repost series as it is no longer necessary. However, I will list the remainder of the playlist below so you can check out the originals on your own. Special thanks to the candid gods for bringing back all the “blipped” content!

#Repost Playlist:
– 🍑 When I throw it back is it fa(s)t enough?
– 🦵🏼🦵🏽🦵🏾 Never skip leg day
– 🦵🏼 Thick Thigh Adventures
– 💦 Smash or Pass Vol. 2
– 👱‍♀️ Tall, Tan, and Blonde
– 😜 Feelin’ Cheeky
– 😎 Best of HS Vol. 2 (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)
– 📸 September GOTM Parts 1 + 2
– 🦵🏽Never skip leg day (Revisited)
– 🩳 Shorts in October? I approve!
– 👀 Street Views
– ⚪️ White on White

Make sure to check out my other posts as well! 100% Original Content! New content coming soon!

Hope you all are doing okay! Let me know which summer attire you’re most excited to see me post. And as always guys… #CreepOn! 😉

Special thanks to new shooter for helping make this collab happen! Looking forward to seeing your new content! Creep on my friend!


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