Cute teen at bustop #video 

I seen this cute pretty face teen sat with her legs like this.. I was expecting a great camel toe but with a face like this she had a fave to die for I just got out my camera stood right in front of her and recorded . She was looking right into the camera I just kept recording… look how awkward she looks at the camera. She looked so shy and innocent… she knew exactly what I was doing… I want 1000s of people to jerk off to her


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  1. I love the look to… you can see she’s looking right into the camera then she looks at me right into my eyes.. I loved being busted!! Then the awkward lip play she does near the end… soon as she started to film me I had to go before she put me on social media lol… I seen her again the other day at a bustop… I’m going to go back at same time again in few days as I think she works in McDonald’s next time I will ask for her number and I will upload the video

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