Enthusiastic Cutie Shopping for a Party

This girl was in charge of her mom … she was calling the shots. Lots of ideas of what to get for her friend’s party who she was setting up. That entire cart full was what she picked. Her mom’s attitude was like “sure sounds good .. whatever.” While the little sexy cutie was going on and on very excited with many ideas. Very cute to see although a tad annoying. 

Her leggings were gripping her young cheeks so nicely. Looking back at the footage her mom did not give a fuck I was a creeper it seems. Better not to acknowledge i suppose. Better to not let her little daughter know that a man like me is looking at her like a piece of meat. Wish i was more aggressive but ive had bad experiences so im a little more careful now.

 Had some bad luck with lighting and aim. but still some sexy shots to be had. The face shots are good. You can see that ass is tight and grabbable.  Decently happy with this ig… 


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