Fresh Meats + Tasty Cakes Vol. X

What’s up guys! AF Creeps here with another week of the Summer Creepathon! This week kicks off with another Fresh Meats + Tasty Cakes installment! What’s better is that this day had so much content I could only fit in the lunchtime candids into this post. I’ll have to do the dinner time candid rush in another post lol! Just a hint at how many shots I was able to get and fit into this post. Anyways I worked really hard on this one so I hope you guys enjoy it! Please enjoy responsibly!


Guys it’s been an epic experience serving up candids for you guys for the last few weeks but all good things must come to an end, right?

I’m going on vacation next week so this week will be the final week of the Summer Creepathon. Sad times I know 😔 but let’s try to end strong! For Friday of this week I was thinking of either doing a Best of HS installment as usual or leaving off the series entirely for this week and instead doing an ultimate finale post featuring all of the Summer Creepathon’s best work. Also, for a third option I’ve considered doing an epic crossover album featuring original content from all three series! Let me know what you think I should do!

Note: I made a poll on the other forum I post on and the leading result is the Best of HS installment but if there is an alarming amount of support for another option, I will try my best to make it work.

TLDR: This Friday’s post should be…
A. Best of HS installment (business as usual)
B. Summer Creepathon Finale post (review of all existing content)
C. Crossover post (all original content)

Fresh Meats + Tasty Cakes Vol. 8 Bonus Vid #4
Hey guys! Congrats again on reaching 30 upvotes on my Vol. 8 installment. I really appreciate it. If we can get to 40 upvotes though I will post the fourth bonus video which is by far the best one I have from that set. If you want to see it, make sure to head to the post and upvote it! I know you guys have what it takes! See link below.

Thanks guys! And as always,

I don’t usually post candids of girls outside of the dining hall for this series, but I knew I couldn’t just leave you guys with the last candid where she’s half covered in balloons lol.

Check out these AF Creeps shorts! Guaranteed vpl with every pair!

Thanks for viewing!
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Thanks guys! #creepnation


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