Please, read the rules before uploading. Your pictures will not approved if you don’t follow this rules:


  • No blurry, dark or low quality pictures
  • No selfies or posing pictures, ONLY CANDID PICS
  • No too young teens nor kids (This is not a Jailbait site)
  • No MILF and mature woman
  • None that are upside-down, nor incorrectly rotated
  • USE DESCRIPTIVE TITLES! One word titles like ‘sexy’, ‘hot’ or ‘teen’ won’t be approved


  • Duplicated titles not allowed. Just add Part1, Part2, Part3 if you want to post the same title (only for those who post 2 or more galleries for the same girl)
  • Forbidden posting real names or exposing pictures
  • Middle School & Junior are forbidden words in titles
  • Subjects that are too far or not enough visible will be rejected
  • Adding unnecessary tags to your images will be a reason for rejecting your post. If you post a leggings picture, don’t add “uspkirt” or “bikini” tags


  • Title must include the word (VIDEO). Example: Hot Young Teen In Shorts (Video)
  • Only and allowed for your files
  • Post MUST contain atleast two or more screenshots/images
  • Videos will be REVIWED. Shaky videos won’t be allowed