Girl with a Sexy Thigh Gap – Round 2

Honestly i’m not 100% sure if its the same girl, but i do believe it is ! I saw this girl at a festival a while back and was aroused by her…. saw her again working stock and didn’t even know it was her until reviewing footage haha. I was just zoned in on that tight ass in leggings. Loving her tall height too. I suppose this girl can’t even dress modestly at work.. she has to be the little showing off slut she is everywhere she goes. I would love to have her cheat on her boyfriend with me.. that’d be hot. Maybe they’d broken up by now haha 

Can’t really see those beautiful hips since her work uniform is covering them… but i got a good shot of her ass. 

This was a scary cap… if you get busted by an employee.. then you’re really fucked. Location burned. I don’t really like messing with employees… but i had no other viable targets at that moment so i had some fun with her sexy tight ass… 

If i see her again.. i’ll go for a Round 3 and hopefully do better…. 

Part 1:


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