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What’s up guys? AF Creeps back with some more OC creepshots! Today I want to share some sexy shorts creepshots. I hope you enjoy!

🍑 Perfect Posture Pt. 2 🍑 (35 votes):
Hopefully we can get this post up to 45 votes so I can post the second set (the better of the two!). Don’t hesitate, hit that upvote button! 😉
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Seeing a lot of my posts have disappeared I want to bring back some of my previous posts. I will be reposting the ones you guys comment below.

As the holiday season is among us, I have decided to do a deepnude giveaway. Here are the details:
First of all if you don’t know what deepnude is, message me and I’ll fill you in.

The first TWO people to both like AND comment “Creep On!” on these posts will each be awarded ONE deepnude submission.
1. Pilot Post
2. Jeans, Jeans, Jeans (We Love Them!)
3. Creepshot of the Year!
4. Perfect Posture
5. Either of the “Along the Autumn Trail” posts
❗️Once you have completed these tasks be sure to message me so I can verify. Contest will end as soon as two people have been verified as the winners. Best of luck guys!

Thanks for taking the time to scroll through this post! Appreciate it! Be sure to hit that upvote button and let me know what kinds of creepshots you want to see more of!
Don’t forget about that deepnude giveaway either! 😉 Complete the above tasks while the contest is still open to receive a deepnude submission!


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