Hot Little Teen Ass

Nice wedgie on this babe. Didn’t get much time to get good angles on her tho unfortunately or more shots of that hot young face.. had some bad aim and she wasn’t around for long. I’m happy I at least got one girl today because i tried really hard to find targets the past 3 days… quite unsuccessfully lol. Seems like the mall is the only viable place lately… lol 


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  1. Yeah it gets harder to find good subjects when summer starts waning…but you should be able to find girls in yoga pants year round. its just the damn coats and sweatshirts that get in the way…I like this girls pretty mouth

    • Yeah man all the hot girls be covering their assess with damn sweaters and jackets dammit! it’s even a problem in the summer but gets so much worse in the colder months… oh well. ill prob just hit the mall 1 to 2 times a week to hunt. girls like to walk around in the mall in their slutty clothes even when its cold.. sometimes

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