Juicy Jamba Jane (Video)

There was a long wait in line at Jamba Juice that day…but I always have the patience of a saint when something like this is in front of me. A couple of times she was stickin that little round ass out and lookin back at me…I think she was quite proud of her newly ripened cheeks, and I sure didnt mind looking, smiling and encouraging. At the end I got a glimpse of her little cameltoe. I thought her smile was amazing. Been messing around with editing video footage recently. should be more to come 

(Video 6:23)



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  1. My comment got deleted! Anyway first of all the pink shirt girl has made a reappearance. She must have a lot of hot friends it seems.


    Also flawless young teen here. Her use of the fork as a prop felt like sexual innuendo, intentional or not. Paired with hee Perfect young tight ass in lulu’s. She was enjoying the older Male attention .. it must be a new feeling. Her smiles were beautiful. Also I loved how you creeped towards her camel toe .. was worried you were about to get busted it was tense

    • Very observant! Yes she is one of the regulars I see weekend to weekend…and yes she always seems to be in the entourage of a couple of different young hotties. LOL didnt mean to create such tension in my vid but thought it was worth it!

  2. Video was awesome!! Hat tip for sure. She absolutely knew you were checking he out and squeezed those sexy legs so her pussy lips bulged!! To perfect!! Absolutely the right age, gorgeous build, teased every sexy inch of her body for your camera. That is an awesome little fox who isn’t stuck up one bit because she knows how hot she is.

  3. Absolute A+++. May i ask, what phone did you use (the quality is insane)? And how did you get the footage angles, by holding the phone as normal or to the side of your head etc? Did you conceap the phone? Sorry for so many questions!

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