Little teen crop top

Aya took of her sweater in class and started showing off her cute little chest. This *th grader isn’t scared of the dress code. If you would like to see ALL of my pictures message me for an invite link to my new discord server

Part 1

Gotta love her long dark brown hair. Would look much better without a shirt on though.

Part 2

You can see her little round checks sitting down in the chair. Her tiny body is just so attractive.

Part 3

The way her tank top hangs down to her right side is so sexy, I love when they show of their tits.

Part 4

You can get a better angle here, as she gets up from her seat to reach over.

Part 6

Her face is so fuckable. Too bad she pulled up her tank top before I took the pic, it could’ve been my favorite one.

Part 7

Just a further zoomed out pic to show her full little body in the frame.

Part 9

She would look so good with cum dripping all down her hair and shoulders

Part 10

The final pic of Aya I got that day. She’s so adorable,You can see a lot of her small chest here.keep in mind this is only about half of Aya’s pics that day these are just the highlights, if you would like to see more message me.


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the best ass in jeans you will see


Short Shorts Reports vol. 14