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      • B. W. You are right and they don’t care I think most do it on purpose to either show off their creation or getting off on guys looking at them knowing what they would do. I had many experiences at the stores or at the mall, one time I was at wallymart shopping and minding my own looking for shampoo and conditioner. Out of the blue this girl is standing next to me in grey cotton spandex with no panties. She had fat cameltoe and I was bent down looking at stuff on one knee. Then she reaches across me and literally puts her fat cameltoe less than inch from my face. I could smell her pumpkin and it smelled wet. Mom said sorry she really doesn’t think about people personal space. I said no problem, as they walked away she dropped the conditioner, when she bent at the waist to pick it I could see a wet spot and dried wet spot, wow I wonder what is stimulating her to be that wet.

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