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What’s up creepers? AF Creeps back with another post and today for you guys I’m continuing my cruise creepshot series! This is the third one in the series so make sure to check out the other two posts as well!

🍑 Perfect Posture Pt. 2 🍑 (43 votes/comments):
Hopefully we can get this post up to 45 votes/comments so I can post the second set (the better of the two!). Don’t hesitate, hit that upvote button! 😉
If you’ve already upvoted it and still want to help reach the goal you can comment on it as well. I will be counting all new comments towards the total vote count. I know we can do it!!

Seeing a lot of my posts have disappeared I want to bring back some of my previous posts. I will be reposting the ones you guys comment below.

Other than that guys, that’s all I have for you! Enjoy the scroll and never forget to #CreepOn!


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