Nice Teen Ass in Tight Leggings

This girl was in love with this guy.. she was laughing at every single thing he was saying despite how funny it actually was. They were doing like a double date thing, and the other guy and girl had like no chemistry but the unattractive girl was clearly jealous of the attention her hot friend was getting and was trying to flirt with this timid guy she was paired with. It was kind of sad to see for the other couple… makes me be happy to be out of highschool seeing shit like this LOL .. sorry for the lack of face shots…. she was so honed in on the dude she didn’t really turn away from him.. but i got some decent shots of her young ass! …. so somewhat hot. Kind of disappointing day of capping …. im feeling pretty mid on them today mostly because of dark leggings but hopefully yall feel better about them than me! 🙂 will try for some tomorrow… 


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