Official 2022 New Wave Content Teaser!

New Wave is finally here!
What’s up guys? AF Creeps here and today I am so excited to announce that I’m finally releasing a teaser post for my upcoming New Wave content. For those of you who don’t know, my New Wave lineup has actually been in the works since last October. This is the reason why you see pop culture references from last year. As life has gone back to normal, I’ve struggled to find time to work on my candid content. Nevertheless though, I’ve persevered and today’s post is the result of months and months of planning. This lineup is the most ambitious content haul I’ve had since the Summer Creepathon and these series are some of the most unique candid content ideas I’ve ever come up with.

Note: Keep in mind, these are just previews. I will be posting the full posts for each series a little later.

Countdown Single Finale

Since I have my New Wave content relatively ready to post, I will be wrapping up my countdown single series with one epic finale. It will be a collab with another creator on here. The finale will lead right into my New Wave content. Super excited for it!

As always,

Please enjoy responsibly,

Oh and here’s the music I had originally planned for the teaser before I decided to do just a regular post. You can listen to it while you scroll:


Shang Chi + the Legend of the Ten Rings (Unofficial Blu-Ray)

After much time and consideration, Kevin Feige, finally let me do a Blu-Ray version of this unprecedented Asian superhero banger! He even let me do a few reshoots, which include plenty more females and an entirely deleted subplot! Experience the journey Shang Chi goes on between plot points as he caps all these Asian beauties! Let's just hope Katy doesn't find out! 😉

Certified Creeper Boy

Topping the charts only a week after its release, Drake's latest album Certified Lover Boy inspires this classic busted compilation! As candid shooters, we all have those special busted moments that make reviewing the footage just that much more satisfying. Not only does it give you a head-on perspective of the subject, but that direct eye contact evokes strong emotion, even through the screen! I'd also like to add that I didn't even know the girl had spotted my camera in most of these instances! Prepare for eye to camera lens eye action in this candid thriller because I am... the Certified Creeper Boy!

Ass of An Angel: The Series!

Serving as a continuation of my Ass of An Angel projects (2), this series is going to include some of my top-notch, never-before-seen content! Like I said, this series will follow individual subjects who are absolute 10/10 bangers straight from the raw footage, the kind you have to jerk off to as soon as you get home lol! I'm really excited for this one, and you should too! Get ready Creep Nation, cause this one's just for you!

Sent Her Back to her Boyfriend with My Watermark on Her Asscheek

 Making her breakout debut, the golden star of my The Grind series is making a very special appearance for this series prelude! Now at the time I had came up with this idea, I had no intention on giving Kelly (name changed for privacy reasons) a series on her own. That’s definitely changed tho as I’ve seen how much love she’s gotten from you guys in the past year. 

Also, the title actually does ring true to some extent...

Storytime!: Kelly was constantly checking me out on the field last season. Not busting me but genuinely looking in my direction. I know this isn't a coincidence cause one time I just happened to catch her looking right at me (for who knows how long lol). I definitely don't think she has any interest in me tho cause as the title implies, she has a boyfriend (instagram confirmed, at least as of last year). Also, she's probably just subconsciously checking me out to "return the favor" for me constantly ogling her lmao.

Regardless the reason tho, I'm definitely sending her back to her boyfriend with my watermark on her asscheek!

I See Your Boobies! (Tiktok tribute) (Vids Included)

Seeing as Tiktok is one of my favorite jerk material sources as well as the easiest place to find girls doing some very interesting "trends" just to get likes, you know I had to include this one on the list! As some of you may know, I've been gravitating more towards boobs. I know what you're thinking fellow men of ass. I have forsaken you. The ass is much better. But hear me out: girls at my uni almost always go braless and either wear a tank top or a crop top, both of which cling on to those round beauties. But not tight enough however, since as these girls walk, their girls are bouncing around so satisfyingly... This is such a beauty to see IMO and come to think of it, I might even add bonus vids just because I believe everyone should be able to see this kind of magic! Ladies, don't be surprised if you see me staring cause... I see your boobies!

Here’s the sound for those of you who aren’t on Tiktok:

AF Creeps: Origins

Everyone has their origin story, including me, your favorite pic shooter. So grab some popcorn and take mine in!

In 2017, shortly after I started my candid journey, I stumbled upon my first candid forum. I started posting my "best" candids and watched in awe as they slowly started to rack up views. They were never that much but I still loved the fact that my work was being recognized and appreciated. Time went on and due to school, my personal life, and mainly tfmgirls (lol those were the days) I eventually stopped posting on that site. All this time I had continued my candid game and was getting pretty comfortable with shooting girls whenever I felt like it. In fact, I was having so much fun with candid I began to question why I stopped posting them online in the first place. I looked up the site and found it over a year after I had made my first post on it. It was still the same site; all user accounts had just been cleared and my posted content could not be found. Now while this made me sad, I was happy to find that they had made a new daughter site,, where I soon began reposting and uploading new content. That took place in June 2020, the first COVID summer. I got busy posting my content and the rest is history. Today I stand as the highest ranked contributor on the forum. And for that, I am incredibly honored.

In this very nostalgic series, I want to give you guys candids from my very first year in the game. While most of them were deleted due to an unfortunate storage incident, I still have a decent amount to make a series. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do: provide you with the WORST content AF Creeps has to offer, the content that paved the road for masterpieces such as The Grind and Fresh Meats and Tasty Cakes!

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  1. Holy Shit!
    … No words man. You have really outdone EVERYONE on this site lol.
    I personally cant wait to see this New Wave Series myself.
    Mahaloz for supporting my work as well… It means a lot to me fr.
    Also cant wait to see more of Red Crop Top Boobies lol…

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