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  1. Such a nice buffet of asses, I would take the one with black shirt and innocent full cotton panties. If one thing I learned, the innocent girl play slut in public for the attention. The slutty one play innocent in public, because in private they are trying to stuff as much sausage down their throat or feed their monkey as many bananas as possible without being caught.

    • no offense im just curious.. keep in mind im a creep too like most guys thats why im here but why do you guys comment things like this it sounds so gross like you guys never get no pussy.. go outside and get some girls bro; and guys are reading these comments!

        • I agree with stroking time, if you read my comments its about what happened to me way back then more so what is going on now. I talk shit but the truth is older women are better. I am to old and no patience to teach a girl about her body. I want to be with someone who knows what gets them off and is LEGAL. The point of this place jerking off and having fun.

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