Petite teen girl teasing in jeans


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  1. Um maybe I am not the brightest lol MK079 but why in the world do you think this is photoshoped?? Our island brauda is the man when it comes to OC and doubt he would take the time to do that on an island where no one where’s clothes lol

    I was in love from the first picture!! Shoots man that is one hellacious hot peach and outstanding capture!!!! Piss on the haters and keep it coming.

  2. Dude I’m lowkey convinced this is a pornstar. No disrespect at all but there’s no way your average girl is going to make poses like this in the store, especially in jeans too.

    You did great here man! Keep up the great work!
    Creep on!

  3. Holy shit! I cant beleive I was fooled. Well thanks for sharing her ig lol @colton and @jimbobd… I don’t think he should be banned but if you’re reading this @cooper , its always way more fun to go out and creep yourself. To say that you took these shots and can prove it. To be proud of your work! Any type of OC is good to me… Hopefully we’ll see OC from you in the near future! Dont give up. You can do it.

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