Petite Tight Ass

This place is always tense to cap in. It’s a pretty big store, with barely anyone in it always, and it becomes obvious you’re following after like the 2nd location switch. This girl def knew i was following…. 

If you’re into tiny ass… i got some good pics, but a little disappointed how they turned out. Kind of mid post due to lighting and the cursed black leggings… but a couple pics show the tightness in this girls’ ass off nice. I feel its worth posting because i’d like to look back at it. Always love me a woman who’s body looks like she’s still in highschool …. but shes not a teen, given she went to the liquor store after she left here. Was thinking of creeping her there too but i rarely drink so didn’t really feel like buying something there, also she was alarmed by me anyway. Gotta feel vibes out accurately sometimes… 

I think this girl was married given she has a ring on her finger so it makes sense why she was so avoidant to me because she probably thought i was interested in talking to her, but in reality i really just wanted pics of her ass. But she was too caught up in NOT looking at me that she never noticed my phone directly pointing at her… the stupid bitch. haha.. but really i’d LOVE to fucking destroy this tiny bitch absolutely. And she knew that…. and that upset her. And honestly making a girl feel creeped out sometimes turns me on more then the pictures themselves lol 🙂 i wonder if any of you feel the same haha 


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