Ranking My Top 10 Personal Fav OCs Out of My First 100 Posts!

I had the idea of doing this when i hit 100 posts. Took me about 3 months to get all my content. I told myself i would slow down now. I love doing this a lot, it’s been some of the most fun I’ve had to be honest, but it takes a lot of time out of my day. It’s also a bit pricey, buying things I don’t need or want. So, I will still be hunting and posting, but instead of visiting 10-15 stores in a week, i might just do my typical life routine of 2 to 5. And maybe I’ll try to avoid camping waiting for targets as much as i have like I have been doing. 

(Good tactic i found is instead of risking entering a place and coming out empty handed, just wait outside of a store in a good vantage spot to see people entering and leaving in your car. Takes me like on average 30 min to get a decent target ive found. I have lost some amazing targets because if i entered right away i would’ve got them, but you’ll gain more than you lose with this tactic and possibly save some money from needlessly going in to look around for a girl.)

Also, if anyone can help me with how to improve the lighting on my phone that’d be much appreciated. Black spandex really be botching a ton of my shots. I would’ve had a lot more quality if it wasn’t for my phone which is frustrating. Maybe if i ever get a high-quality phone with an amazing camera the motivation will increase.

This Top 10 will not be based on likes or comments or anything, but instead my personal taste. There is however a large overlap in likes and my taste though lol. I believe the top 3 girls are the top 3 most liked as well. Needless to say, a lot of you got good taste in girls lol 🙂 I will do another Top 10 when i hit 200 posts!

#10: https://candidteens.top/beautiful-young-braless-blonde-teen/

#9: https://candidteens.top/tight-shorts-teen-w-a-lil-bubble/

#8: https://candidteens.top/tight-bubble-ass-in-tight-black-leggings/

#7: https://candidteens.top/really-cute-n-sexy-employee/

#6: https://candidteens.top/super-sexy-skinny-girl-in-spandex-shorts/

#5: https://candidteens.top/attention-seeking-sexy-blonde-gym-girl-round-2/

#4: https://candidteens.top/super-sexy-thin-tall-blonde-teen-w-amazing-ass/

#3: https://candidteens.top/thin-babe-with-amazing-bubble-butt-in-super-tight-leggings/

#2: https://candidteens.top/young-brunette-teen-in-very-tight-leggings-with-a-perfect-bubble/

#1: https://candidteens.top/super-sexy-teen-in-slutty-cute-shorts/


Thin Babe with Amazing Bubble Butt In Super Tight Leggings


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    • Also if you want to improve the lighting in your caps, the best way I’ve found was to play with the native camera roll settings. What works best for me is decreasing the contrast, increasing shadows, and then decreasing black point. It really refines black leggings shots. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for your support man… and thank you for the advice. I will give it a try. Although i shoot with a background cam recorder app … i am too scared and cautious to use native cam… i wonder if it will carry over the settings. i will have to tinker with it.. cus i’ll tell ya… if the black spandex picked up better… people would like my posts better i think because i do cap great targets out here… just my cam holds me back from revealing how hot some of these targets really are. Sorry to anyone who’s disappointed with my content but i do the best i do with what i got.

  1. You made it!!! I knew you would, but to reach 100 so quickly shows is a testament to your dedication to the hobby. It certainly is a fun-packed 100, too, as is reflected in this top-10 sample.

    Here’s to the next 100 and safe shooting!

    • I have been dedicated that’s for sure… haha. Even today i trolled around the mall for like 20 min hunting … but at least i had a reason to be there lol 😉 Thanks a lot for your kind words, I always like your input, and your appreciation for my more special subjects lol 😉

  2. Wow you hit 100 so quick! You definitely get some good looking girls…I would say your gym posts were probably my fav so far…I also like that babe in the green, what a set of cheeks shes got. I also like that I got so much backstory to your posts.

    • Oh the gym posts how I wish i could cap girls there still lol … I will at the other gym but not the main one anymore high risk as fuck lol …. today the perfect slut came in but i held myself back lol

      Yeah that green shorts girl was one of my first ones and the cap that cemented my addiction! I was so aggressive with her… it was so hot lol. Such a slut that i punished you could say 😉 Freaked the bitch out a bit… Now i TRY to be more careful 😉

      And thanks … i know im long winded and probably annoy a lot of guys here… they just care about the pics and i feel that lol … but the back stories make it more fun for me. I’m a fairly risky capper … so some funny observations are to be made at times … lol

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