Really Pretty Tall Skinny Babe With Abs – Round 2

Really happy how this one went. Productive waiting line follow absolutely. 

Saw this girl pull up in her car and was like “should i cap this beautiful slut since she goes to my gym?” I said fuck it as soon as i saw what she was wearing. I use to be think this bitch was modest when i first saw her since she was wearing baggy gym shorts and long shits to each workout.. but she did a 180. Now whenever i see her .. its a crop top with spandex. I guess she’s accepted she’s fucking hot and we want to see. Love when a slut does that for sure… and she lets me look without being a whiny bitch about it too 😉 

Overheard her talking about her sports team with that guy… she def deserve the body.. she keeps fit … works out and plays sports. My kind of girl 😉 And she’s talll… yum 

I think this one went better then my last cap of her .. you be the judge lol 

Probably will never cap her again since i’m pretty satisfied with this… unless she’s wearing something very very slutty like shorts with ass cheeks hanging out or something. We’ll see lol 

Round 1: 


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