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Welcome back guys! AF Creeps back again to treat you to some original content creepshots! This week you guys voted for “Creepshot of the Week!” to be reposted. Now this shoot wasn’t anything particularly special, just a quick passby, but if you want a little more background continue on to the next paragraph.

Storytime (A detailed recount of my thoughts during the photo shoot):
So this shoot took place early September of last year when I was walking back from a class. Now, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I actually happened to know that girl. She was one of the hot majorettes from the band. When I was creeping on her I just saw her tan skin and blonde hair lol. I knew what I had to do. I pulled out my phone and took a burst shot as she walked by, completely oblivious to my intentions. This girl is no stranger to my archives tho! In fact, I think I’ve caught her plenty of times during practice. I might have to start posting more of her soon lol!

Anyways, if you enjoy her make sure to hit that upvote button and leave a comment! And don’t forget to vote for next week’s #repost! (See below)


📸 #Repost playlist continues!
Guys the #repost playlist is an ongoing list of posts requested by viewers like you for me to reupload. Every week I will select three posts at random from this list and let you choose which ones you want to see become my next post! Here are this week’s random lottery selections:

– 🦵🏼Thick Thigh Adventures
– ☺️ Feelin’ Cheeky
– 🌟 September GOTM Sets 1 + 2

Please comment below which one you want me to repost next! I will repost the one with the highest number of comments next week!

Also don’t forget to request other posts you want to see reposted as well! If they are not on my list I will add it.

That’s all for this one guys. Until next time…

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