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Some sexy shot here but the lighting and black leggings don’t do that hot little tight round ass justice. But it’s good enough. I’m a big fan of tiny ass haha. 

Oh and I got busted here … security talked to me. Fucking fantastic… now the mall is burned. Where all the prime teens go. Oh well…. mall is scary to cap at anyway. I seriously over stepped my risk here. I kept filming her from the side when she was on the cash. I was even filming her when she was cashing me out. Fucking stupid! Especially since the lighting and distance was hurting. Frustrating cap in many ways… but i am happy with some of the shot… sexy enough. haha my mind gets full of cum and i lose all sense sometimes. She was so damn pretty… to me. She was also really nice and helpful but i guess it was a façade haha. Girls can certainly fake nice when they feel the need to. Won’t be going back to the mall for a long while lol. And hopefully i never see her again. she’ll be looking out for me i’m sure.. i saw her running around talking to some other girl from another i store i believe i tipped off. Looks like they’re making a big deal out of something honestly minor.. with all said and considered. Sometimes you forget people remember what you look like lol. Ugh capping can be stressful.. you just want to be like a ghost and get what you need but you need finesse haha. Message to new cappers… try to be smarter and more disciplined than me! lol There will always be more…. also be weary of staff… they make bigger noise than customers… 


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  1. Yeah man, I know what you mean with the mall security…you gotta find that balance between “going for it” and having some more restraint…its a fine line you gotta dance. At least you got a good cap out of this one though!

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