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  1. Good job man I caught so many girls at the store dressed like this, I think my favorite one is when I was in the isle shopping and the merchandise was loosely scattered. I could clearly see into the other isle and was bent down looking at some stuff, when a girl wearing what she has on was in front of me on the other side of the isle. She didn’t see me bent down, caught her pulling and shifting her thong around in the front. The way she tugged on her thong you can tell it was pasted to her lips, she did the pull away and lift one leg up slightly. Then I stood up to see the face, she saw me and got instantly red and said tell me you didnt see that. I said it’s okay I know it can get sticky sometimes. She said OMG and walked way covering her mouth and turning sun burned red lol

      • My stories are true, I would go to the mall or tourist traps and just people watch. You be surprise what I have seen and caught people doing in public over the years. For example this guy almost got hit by a Porsche while the guy was backing up. A few exchange of pleaseantries and everyone left. 20 min later guy comes back and pissed on the porsche. Some stuff people have done was on purpose and some not paying attention. Caught this one girl in line descretly flicking her bean. She had her hands in front of her muff, with her thumb rubbing across her lips and popping it off her pelvic bone to the point it made snapping noise with every flick. At first I was not paying attention until I noticed her legs moving with each flick from stimulations. She had on leggings and going to town. Even when she noticed me looking didn’t even stop I guest she got her orgasm first and then moved out of my view. Knew She came her face turned very red and was a little unsteady when she intialy started walking. Saying all of that to say this, some pics bring back to a familiar point in my life when I noticed someone wearing or doing something similar.

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