sister’s friend with the booty

So fine

    • … consider this …
      Imagin a comfy couch with a large mirror mounted on the wall it sits against. Imagine that you’re sitting on this couch–a huge mirror inches away from your head–when you find yourself wanting to look in a mirror for a few moments

      That’s all you need, just a look in the mirror–perhaps some tiny irritant landed in your eye and you want to find it. Maybe you think you still have a bit of sauce on your face from the hot wings you ate.

      Now, you have a choice of mirrors–
      1 you know there is one in the bathroom, which would require getting up and walking over to the room where people take their shits
      2 You could just use the one that’s literally directly behind your head

      Your answer, apparently?

      “Why wouldn’t I head to the bathroom? Unless I’m trying to tell everyone in the living room I want them to fuck me”

      Jesus fucking Chrisr


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