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I filmed this Young chicken walking and I realised my camera want the best so I actually put my flash on no fucks given. she must of only just left school as she was on the phone talking about school to her friend… she had a right massive pussy bulge but the bustop was quite busy I done my best to get close. It was super hot as I actually lowered my phone right down with flash on I’m very surprised any one seen me. She had a right firing skinny ass but camera don’t really show her cheeks… her thigh gap was amazing. At one point I just shoved my phone right up there close as possible… hopefully same time tomorrow so I can get more clips of her and next time I will ask for her number 100%

  1. Just pulling that pants down and revealing that phat snatch, it would nearly hit you in da face:) .
    Imagine her standing naked and that phat dick magnet protruding out like that!
    What a sight that would be.

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    • I would of got more but that jumper done us over.. I was at bustop same time again today to try and find her… she dint turn up but least I know where to find her on Tuesdays… I’ll be there next Tuesday but I will also keep my eyes out for her tomorrow as I can clearly see the bustop where I’m working from 😉


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  1. I absolute love a thigh gap me!! Nice little ass tho not annarxic but just a nice peachy gap… I only film skinny gap videos.. I love looking very close up just imagining it in my face. But glad you like. I’ll try better next time.. hopefully tomorrow

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