Some cute teens

Heya, i decided to drop a few girls at once this time.

I usually dont show faces for privacy reasons (i know, ironc lol) but decided to make an exception this time

My last post sadly didnt get accepted since it was too low quallity to post (it was getting dark outside and my blurs didnt help either)
but if youre interested in seeing it anyway, send me a message or ask for it in the comments and ill give you the link to the album.
The pictures are about a young teen in a short black dress in case you wonder.

Anyway, i will keep trying to improve and one day i might become the king of candids!


What do you think?

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  1. Nice post here man! I really like the first two girls in sweats. I feel girls are wearing them a lot more these days. Keep up the good work! And appreciate your determination to want to get better!

    Creep on!

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