Spying on my Sister

Guys here is the sister set again. The other night we watched a horror movie at home, then she was kind of afraid and asked me to sleep with her (fuck yeah!). When she felt asleep I couldn’t miss the chance to touch her ass and tits, then I had a hard on, and decided to teaspoon with her. She grabbed by hand when I hug her, so I can I say it was a step forward for me. Next morning she was all kind and smily with me., she even made me breakfast (she was wearing these tiny shorts and I could see her ass checks, and yeah I had another hard on, I was wearing a boxer, and I didn’t care if she notice it, but that was part of my strategy). Anyways, we are having a closer relationship I would say….This weekend we even decided to have some drinks just the 2 of us. Wish me luck!


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