Spying on my Sister

Guys here is the sister set again. The other night we watched a horror movie at home, then she was kind of afraid and asked me to sleep with her (fuck yeah!). When she felt asleep I couldn’t miss the chance to touch her ass and tits, then I had a hard on, and decided to teaspoon with her. She grabbed by hand when I hug her, so I can I say it was a step forward for me. Next morning she was all kind and smily with me., she even made me breakfast (she was wearing these tiny shorts and I could see her ass checks, and yeah I had another hard on, I was wearing a boxer, and I didn’t care if she notice it, but that was part of my strategy). Anyways, we are having a closer relationship I would say….This weekend we even decided to have some drinks just the 2 of us. Wish me luck!


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  1. Your sister is soo hot i keep coming back to her everytime, i literally downloaded her photos so i can masturbate to her without coming to this website, hope you come online soon with new pics of her

  2. Just make your move, if she is letting you pet you are already in there man. Only people who think fucking your own sister is strange are those that wanted to but were denied or those who had fat smelly ones lol . Breed away dude and stop thinking so hard about it.

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