Teen Girl w/ A Hot Bubble Butt

This girl was really hot! I saw like 5 older dudes all check out her ass. She really wanted to wear super tight leggings like a slut for the attention i suppose. This girl didn’t like me though! Every time i got close to her, she evaded me LOL… she was onto me.. well my following at least. Not so sure about the capping. I actually intercepted her at like 5 spots, but really only 1 spot turned out fruitful… 

Something i noticed about girls not realizing your capping the majority of the time is they don’t look at you enough to realize you’re facing a phone towards them…. 

I actually got in line behind her for like 2 min …. but i totally fucked up the aim. I got one decent close up shot at least. Gotta hate when that happens lol…. either way, these pics still turned me on .. hope they do for you too! 

And oh when i saw her, i swear she was like a college aged girl, but when i eavesdropping in on a conversation she was having with an employee at the cash of someone she knew, apparently she’s back to school… meaning highschool lol 😉 damn some of these hs girls be looking grown lol 😉 


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