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    • You know on porn hub in some of the countries that laws are more lose or guys can get away with a lot more, there is vids of guys jerking in public and cumming on girls ass, bookbags and hair. Two vids I remember is one guy cumming on a girls bookbag whole going down escalator. Then he filmed her trying to clean his cum of her book bag when she finally noticed this wet stuff. She smelled it several times and you can tell she could not place the smell or what it was, poor girl was virgin and don’t know what male cum smelled or look like.

  1. The video of this girl used to be on pornhub wish I could find it again lol I wonder what this girl would think if she knew how many guys from at least 6 continents jacked off to her spilling about a million gallons of cum??! you think she would take it as a compliment?

  2. You know they really do this on purpose knowing some guy may take sneaky pics and go home to jerk to them. It is like they expect it or hope they come across a camera snappin perv. I have never taken pics but got busted many times for looking, most just give you a teasing smile.

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