The Girlz (complete set)

The girl in grey spandex shorts was also featured in my WWYC? part 4. Collab with AF Creeps!!!


What do you think?


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    • Circle Jerker???
      Sounds like another one of them haterz.
      We post quality Original Content so if you feel that we don’t meet your needs, go find another site or better yet post your own O.C and become a member of this site for as long as me or AF has… Then we’ll see your worth!
      You can’t say shit if you don’t put action to your words. So braddah if you like act dumb and make one big stink about how jealous you are of us then you’re showing everyone what a poor sport crybaby you really are…
      #shakaufaka #watufaka #spreadalohanotcovid

    • @circlejerker Hey bud, don’t like the content? I suggest you find another site. And if that doesn’t work there’s always V*agra right?

      My point is here in the candidteens community we respect others and their content. Contributors such as Aloha and myself work HARD to get original content for you and everyone else on the site. And honestly, I don’t think it’s fair for someone (especially a newbie) to hate on us for posting original content rather than plagiarized internet BS.

      Good day to you sir!
      #hatersgonnahate #CreepNation #contentcreatorssticktogether #originalcontentftw


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