The Grind Vol. 7

What’s up guys! AF Creeps here with another BANGER installment in my “The Grind” series! Please enjoy responsibly!

Announcements will be posted later today!

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The Grind Will Return! Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. Announcements:

    Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of The Grind! This album took the longest of any post I’ve ever worked on (about six hours) so it would be much appreciated if you could hit the upvote button for me!

    Anyway, this week’s installment had so much content I had to make some very tough choices and cut some excellent shots from the piece. Don’t worry tho, I’ll be sure to post them in a future installment! “The Grind” will return after the Summer Creepathon so you won’t have to wait too long for it.

    Summer Creepathon Finale!
    Guys we are so close to the end of the Summer Creepathon! This Friday closes out seven weeks of my rapid-fire candid content rollout. It’s been stressful but looking back totally worth it!
    After reviewing all the feedback I’ve gotten on this site and the other forum I post on, I’ve decided to just play it straight and post a regular “Best of HS” installment on Friday. It’s more convenient for me plus , if you remember from last week, I still have a whole Best of HS album ready to upload.

    Fresh Meats + Tasty Cakes Vol. 8 Bonus Vid #4 Countdown
    Hey everyone! My Fresh Meats Vol. 8 post ( still needs 12 more upvotes until I will post the fourth bonus vid. I know you guys have what it takes! Let’s unlock that last vid! Plus I’ll even throw in the mashup which features all of the videos combined for your convenience! Let’s make it happen!

    Thanks for all the support guys! And I’ll see you on the next post! Creep on!

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