The Sister! Set2

It wasn’t easy to get another shot of my sister. First she wasn’t home for some weeks and then for some reason she didn’t put on her clothes in her room for some days. Then, last week I was able to capture her her beauty. I still have this feeling of having sexual intercourse with her…The plan of fucking her remains the same. I had the chance to smell on those purple panties, the scent was salty, sweaty, with some of her scent and perfume. Priceless!


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  1. i have the best idea for you to test out. take some pictures of your dick and then get some pictures of something she is interested in and show her on your phone the pictures. do it so that you show her one picture then swipe to another picture for her, and then another but the next photo is your dick. you can pretend that it was an accident. test out her reaction. you can try it while she is drunk too since you want to try when she is drunk. i think it’s perfect.

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