Tiny Little White Booty Shorts

I think she bought these shorts a couple sizes too small…I’m not complaining, just sayin…Maybe all her shorts were in the wash and she had to borrow her little sisters?

For some reason, it wont let me post a full 10 pic post recently.


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  1. She must be proud of her body! She should be too, absolutely banging. If you ever want to share a video of her, I sure would be interested. They way those shorts move on that ass and pussy would be a sight to behold.

  2. Imagine being the dad of this stupid whore lol, wonder how he feels knowing his little girl is a dirty slut wearing these tinyyy shorts showing off her juicy ass and tight little pussy. I bet when she bends over her pussy lips sneak out some and she acts like she is wants to hide them haha, good little girl here nice catch

  3. Goddamn Ham! This has to be the best thing I’ve ever seen you post. Seriously, this is the kind of subject all the big names are trying to cap, and you’ve done just that!

    Really glad you shared this bro. Keep up the good work! Creep on!

  4. Oh by the way Ham… i can tell you how to fix that uploading picture issue.. i ran into it too. the “HTTP Error Thing” ? Just sign out… change browser host.. eg: go from Chrome to Microsoft Edge.. sign in on new browser.. and then it should work. Well it did for me.

    Also, i looked at these pics like 10 times today. So congrats on that… Candid Legend tier right here.

  5. She is fucking a goddess would love to slowly lick her from her backside just enough to tease her and make her wet then turn her around a start with just the tip of my tongue teasing her slit slowly pulling her shorts to the side slowly licking as I go

        • I think he may be right Ham… im pretty damn sure this girl is Milan.. like 95% certain. same face , same ass , same tits , same sluttiness….. some site says shes older than i thought.. but this Milan girl is in her late teens , just probably getting out of highschool or close to. We gotta remember girls look plainer in the face IRL and often in the body too. Also like he pointed out her make up is light here. You got a semi famous insta teen slut, very epic … Ive seen guys cap insta famous adult girls but never a teen instathot. It’s only a matter of time til this fuck object starts an OnlyFans to feed herself with… i recommend a year or two down the line, you make this slut aware you capped her through a DM and shes one of the highest rated post this year, if not the highest. She thinks all the content guys jerk off to is by her consent, not this time, and that’s hot. Don’t want to do it too soon incase she remembers you. Make her well aware all shes good for lol … 😉

      • no this is undoubtedly milan. same exact body type, same clothes. she’s also wearing a black bracelet on her left arm, and you can see her wearing the same thing on her instagram. i think she’s just not wearing makeup here

          • yes derüberboss is correct. Her fat ugly friend is in pictures with her LOL its solved its her! Gotta be honest didn’t really investigate that hard but it’s her! This girl is a spoiled rich bitch clearly but she actually seems like she has a good heart.. and also seems innocent despite being the biggest show off LOL. I mean a girl who is in the top 1% of looks you would expect her friends to not be ugly… but hey ig she doesn’t care LOL. I mean her thighs look virgin too…. i wonder if Milan will ever become an actual whore and do nude OnlyFans. She will post bikini onlyfans pics but i wonder if the bitch will ever stick a dildo up her ass on cam. We will see when she becomes of age.

  6. Got me throbbing in public looking at this girl. What her parents might think of her doing this make me horny! Every man is cheating on his wife to this bitch rn. one hand holding the phone, and other jerking to this skank until their dick falls off.

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