Two Year Anniversary Post (Q&A in the Comments!)

Greetings Creep Nation!

I meant to post this on Thursday when my actually anniversary was but I got a little busy and couldn’t quite get to it. Nevertheless, June 30, 2022 marks two years since I made my first post on candidteens. Yes I’m getting old lol but it’s definitely been a (candid) journey, and I want to thank all of you for joining me on it. You can checkout that first post here:

I’ve accomplished a lot on here ever since I made that first post. And most of those things I couldn’t have done with you guys. I want to give a big thanks to the candidteens community for giving me an audience to share my work with! And a big shoutout to Will to making this forum even happen in the first place! You da man!

I’ve definitely grown so much as a person and a candid shooter/content creator since then and I’m sure you all have picked up on it, seeing the quality of my candids get better and better with time. It’s not slowing down anytime soon. You can count on that!

So as the title implies, I want to hold a little Q&A session as a way to give back to the community, maybe pass down some of my knowledge to some of the newer people on here.

Ask me anything candid related. It can be anything from what my favorite candid shoot was to what shooting technique I recommend. Anything really but please no asking for personal info about me or my subjects. That’s all I ask from you lol.

I’ll try to answer questions as they appear and we’ll go from there!

Here’s to all the good posts and the bad ones as well!

Please enjoy responsibly,

Let me hear you say it in the comment section now: #CreepOn!

AF Creeps Entertainment

200+ upvotes on a single post

This girl probably looks really familiar to you guys, and that’s cause she’s the girl in my background on my profile page. I posted the one in my profile picture but never really got around to posting this one until now.

I think posting her is quite appropriate since she’s one of the first girls I started shooting, and one of the best girls in my high school archive. A true crown jewel in my collection if you will.

  1. Also forgot to mention this but thanks guys for coming through on my bonus video. I just checked and the video has over 500 downloads! I really didn’t expect that lol. Guess I’ll have to start making more videos in the future!

Collection Spotlight: Summer Creepathon!

I’m sure plenty of you remember last summer I did one of my most ambitious upload schedules: 3 posts every week for pretty much the whole summer.

I don’t know how I did it tbh but it was a lot of fun and a lot of you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time in my schedule this summer for something like that but don’t worry I have something big planned soon!

In the meantime, you can reminisce about last year’s Summer Creepathon. Find the whole archive here!

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    • Wow that’s definitely a tough one. Given that I have a collection of all my favorites called “AF’s Top Picks,” you can get a good idea of which of my posts I really enjoyed.

      But to answer your question I’m gonna have to give two answers:

        • a big-little reveal. They were about 30 of them grouped together and I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Though I wish I could’ve gotten some face shots, I’m glad I got what I got and didn’t risk anything with those girls lol.

          • ‘Fresh Meats + Tasty Cakes?’” Well those series have a special place in my heart: “The Grind” with its top-tier subjects and “Fresh Meats + Tasty Cakes” with its variety.

            However, the cruise series takes both of these qualities into account.

          • Those candids were taken on a cruise I went on just before COVID hit. So this was an AUTHENTIC cruise if you know what I mean. The girls were showing off in bikinis and shorts and tank tops, and there were plenty of them to film on the ship. Overall,

          • it was a very fun experience, candids and otherwise. I still have candids from that cruise I need to review so who knows? Maybe I’ll expand on the trilogy lol

            Thanks for the question and I’m sorry I gave such a long answer lol

            Creep on!

    • Thanks man! Really love posting my content here.

      Well, yes and no really, I got all my HS content from back when I was in HS. I’m no longer in HS now tho so what I have now is all I have. Nevertheless, I still cap the college baddies on campus 😉

      • For my method I just simply use my phone’s native camera app. I’ve been recommended spy camera apps that hide your screen like CameraEye but I never really had the time or motivation to sit down and learn how to use it. Plus, you have to pay for the

        • premium version and the free version isn’t that good.

          As for my methods, the #1 top I can give you is to NOT stare at your subjects. Doing this will alert them to your presence and increase the chances of you getting busted.

          Another thing I do

          • is hide my phone screen at all times, whether it be holding my phones in an arms-crossed position holding the screen against my chest or if I’m going for a pass by I’ll hold the screen against my leg as I walk and try not to swing that arm too much.

          • It might sound ridiculous blind shooting like that but once you get the timing and angles right (they come with trial and error) you’ll be getting high quality content with minimal chances of getting busted.

            Once you master these basic techniques,

          • you can move on to some more advanced techniques. For example, over the past few months I started using a new technique to help me get frontal shots when I’m in front of my subjects.

            I’d still have my camera open at this point and so I’d pretend

          • To scratch my butt with the hand holding my phone. In reality, I’d really be capping the last couple pics I’d need to complete the set.

            You can also branch out to using other objects to hide the screen if you need a better angle on some subjects.

          • Folders, notebooks, and even sometimes coffee cups can help with this. Just hold your phone face down against the object and try to find the right angle on your subject. Keep in mind this is a little riskier than the other techniques so please only

          • use this technique as a last resort.

            Also you might’ve picked up on this but knowing what angles and the range of view of your camera can record will really help you out in the long run. You won’t be 100% correct all the time but knowing your

          • angles will help you when getting caps.

            I hope you found this answer helpful. Please let me know if you want any more advice or just want to update me on your capping adventures!

            Happy creeping! Creep on!

  1. Ever since I started lurking on this site years ago I recognized your name…glad to see youre still on here doing your thang. I always appreciated the fact that you post all OC and that you also regularly comment on others posts, which is rare on these sites. Happy two years!

    • Omg lol. This is a good one!

      Well I’ve never gotten so entranced by a girl that I had to run to the bathroom to jerk it lol. Mostly cause the school bathrooms were gross but also cause I don’t let my desires take over in public lol.

      • But there have been plenty of times where I’ve been put in the mood, especially by this girl I posted. I just go so Kovaaks mode to get all the caps I can of her just cause her body is so well displayed.

        There was also this time sophomore year

        • where I turned a corner and I saw this girl’s insanely tan and petite thighs that my jaw subconsciously dropped. She was unfortunately moving to fast and in the opposite direction to cap but she looked fine in those shorts!

  2. A little late to the party but what really pushed you to say “fuck it, I’m gonna take some photos of girls”?

    I’m coming up on 1 year since I’ve been in ‘the business’ and im curious to see what was the sparl for other people

    • Hey man! You’re all good!
      Good question! I know this is a pretty late response so I’m going to reply here as well as personally message you my answer.
      So if we’re talking about what my spark was, I’d have to say the seed was planted years before I

      • ever started taking candids. It all goes back to 7th grade where I saw this kid looking at his phone. Now quite naturally I looked at what he was looking at on his phone.
        It was his camera roll and he had snapped a few pics of one of the volleyball

        • girls in her tight khakis (we had a really strict dress code lol). To make things even better, She was kind of bent over so her ass kind of popped out and her legs her flexed nicely. I was instantly amazed by the beauty he had captured as was he. I

          • remember looking at it like it was a piece of artwork rather than him just taking a creepy picture. I watched as scrolled through the rest of the pics then went about my day. I didn’t even think about candids until after my freshman year of hs.

          • And this is when things got exciting. That year I was placed in the same social studies class as one of the prettiest girls in my grade. She had a pretty face and a great personality. However, it wasn’t until this year that I started noticing my

          • female peers’ bodies. To be fair tho, they were all just hitting the next stage of puberty that girls go thru at 14-15. Anyways, this girl loved to wear leggings! She was in one my classes the previous year but she sat in the back so I never really

          • got to see much of her. Plus, like I said, I hadn’t really had my sexual awakening at that point. So the first time I saw her ass wrapped in leggings my heart started pounding. Her ass had all the best qualities IMO. It was tight, round, and

          • perfectly complimented her slim legs. In fact, there were times where her lower half could easily be compared to that of a horse (lol I’m being serious). At that time, I was kind of the quiet kid who no one really talked to so I could gaze at her

          • all I wanted. I felt that no one really noticed me but I was just accepting of it because we all have had classes that none of our homies are in.
            So mid-semester I got to thinking “Her ass is so perfect. I wish there was some way I could capture

          • this moment for the future.” To go back to Slap A Ham’s question, this was one of the girls who I could barely control myself around lol.
            But one day, call it fate or just sheer luck, but I remembered that kid from 7th grade and how he took those

          • pics. I thought it was worth a shot, especially cause like I said no one really paid that much attention to me. That didn’t stop my heart from pounding tho as I raised up my phone with the camera app open and angled my body to cover my screen. I

          • capped her just as she was sitting down. Now the pics weren’t that great looking back. But when I got home that day, I was so proud of myself and even had a little celebration session lol. That’s how it started and the rest is history tbh. Hope I

          • answered your question and sorry it was so long lol.

            Congrats tho on almost 1 year! That’s a big milestone for sure! Thanks again for your question! Creep on!

    • Hey ASB! Thanks for your question! That’s a really good one and I was hoping someone would eventually ask that.

      So why do I stand by candids?
      Well initially, I saw candids as just harmless fun. It was just something I did to check out girls

      • without really checking them out if you know what I mean. I never had any anger or hate directed towards these girls. I simply wanted to admire their beautiful features. And seeing as constantly staring would obviously make them uncomfortable I saw

        • candids as the perfect solution. Now keep in mind, when I first started shooting I didn’t even know they were called candids, nonetheless that there were entire forums dedicated to sharing them. Back then I thought I was the only one (with the

          • exception of that one kid in 7th grade) who was into this kind of stuff. One day, Idk if I didn’t get a lot of shots or just got tired of my own content, but I decided to try to find some other candids. After some ambiguous searches, I soon found out

          • these photos I was taking were called candids. A couple searches later, I learned that there were forums out there that allowed people just like me to share my content. I viewed all the high quality content with awe.

          • Now this is where the story takes a bit of a dark turn. Soon after, I found myself going thru a rough patch (we’ve all been there I know). By this point I had started posting on the site and even had a couple comments on some of them. I had become a

          • registered member on the site for like a month now, and now, in my time of need, I found that candids (and tfmgirls but that’s besides the point lol) were the only things that made me happy. A lot of my friends could never hang out or chose to hang

          • out without me. I felt alone. I felt neglected. I felt abandoned. This all only exacerbated my current condition. And while I didn’t personally hold it against any of my friends at the time, it still would’ve been nice to have someone at least ask me

          • to hang out and stuff. But no, candids were all I had.
            Fortunately enough tho, my depression soon went away after like a month and this was just in time for the holidays so I definitely didn’t have time to be sad anyway lol.

          • After the holidays, I got back to school and they really made us hit the ground running. I got really busy. I still capped the heck out of the girls at school lol but I found out I didn’t really have the time to post my content anymore, only shoot.

          • Throughout the spring, I would still check out the new posts on the site as much as I could. However, with my depression virtually gone, friends I’d made in my classes, and a whole lot of schoolwork, I just didn’t have the time to check out the site

          • that often, and my activity declined because of it. My candid shooting was now the highest it had ever been (averaging 200-300 caps per day, probably average for today’s stats tho). I was taking all these caps but by the end of the school year, I had

          • pretty much vanished entirely from the candid community. Like I said school pretty much consumed most of my life so I sadly forgot about the site for quite some time. Months later, I finally got back on the site but was very sad to see I couldn’t log

          • on. Even more depressing was that the admin had done a clean sweep of the site meaning all the posts from my era were deleted. It turned out that the site was now a submission-only site, meaning that you’d have to email the admin your stuff and he’d

          • post it himself. Now not only did I find that not as fun as posting it myself but it was also a privacy concern for me. So I made like a tree and left.

            As sad as it was to see my stuff deleted, I just had to move on with my life. And so I went on

          • continuing to cap and living my otherwise pretty normal hs student life.

            Fast forward to next semester, this was when COVID hit us and the world went into lockdown. I could no longer cap the girls at school as everything was now online. Yeah

          • blah blah blah, COVID life… we all lived it, we all want to forget it so I’m just gonna skip to the next major story point: June 2020

            Now with school being done for the summer, it was supposed to be a fun time. But COVID kept everything on

          • lockdown so I found myself almost trapped at home most of the time. Again you guys know the deal…

            So on June 13 I suddenly remembered I used to have an affinity for sharing candids a year and a half ago. Why did I remember this? I’m not sure but

          • it was probably because I had way too much free time to know what to do with. I couldn’t really get a job since I didn’t have a car, and honestly working at this time didn’t really seem like that good of an idea.

            So I head over to my old candid

          • site and see a new post at the top titled “New Candid Teens site!” Instantly, I’m lit up with curiosity as I’m being redirected to the new site. Lol and I think you can guess which site it took me to: the very one you’re reading this story on. 😉

          • Okay so fast forward two years and here we are all caught up. Now you might be asking me why I gave you that ridiculously long backstory. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense in a minute.

          • So when I first started posting my content here, I was just happy to share it. I never really got much interaction on my old site so I never really expected much from this one either. However, I found this one to be more pic-centered rather than

          • video-centered like the old one. As I started to post more and more, you guys started upvoting my content and then coming through in the comments with all your wonderful praises and compliments. It made me feel appreciated and gave me something to do

          • while COVID made a wreck of our lives. We didn’t have much in common but we had our love of candids and with that we made the most of that summer. Me posting my content and you guys enjoying it

          • Now fast forward back to this summer. It’s honestly been kind of sucky. One of my best friends from hs turned on me when I told him I wasn’t willing to work a part-time job. Now I’m not gonna ruin this story by talking about some pretty trashy people

          • but needless to say, he basically called me too lazy to work. Now obviously, I know I spend 3-5 hours, staying up until 3am or longer to get these quality posts out to you. I do this on two candid forums and even have an admin position on the other

          • but let’s just say some people are never going to understand you no matter how long they’ve known you. And likewise, you will never understand some people no matter how long you’ve known them.

            I’ve honestly experienced a lot of anger and anxiety

          • in the past month from both of these incidents. In a way, it’s like I’ve come full-circle from where I was when I discovered candid forums. In the beginning it was just for fun and the self-satisfaction but now, as of this summer, I truly understand

          • the impact sharing candids can have on other people. I know a lot of you are huge fans of my content, and some of you even comment that my content brightens your day. Maybe this is my way of giving back to a community that’s gotten me thru my darkest

          • times. Yes, I don’t think candids will ever be “normalized” into society. And people will probably always hate candid shooters for what we do. But if my candids can make even one person’s day, convince someone that there’s still light at the end of

          • the tunnel, that they don’t have to do this alone, that there’s still so much more in life they have yet to experience if they can get thru this bump in the road, then yeah, it’s definitely worth it.

          • Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know it was insanely long but I just felt it would carry more weight if I gave you the full backstory.

            Stay safe out there guys! Creep on!

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