Who Would You Choose? Part 11! (Boob Version)

Wassup Creepz! I know, i know, i havent posted a WWYC in… AGES.
But its baaaack. And here to stay. So what better way to finish where i left off, then with a boob version… This is Candid Cleavage at its finest! From Teeny Titties to Bouncing Betties.
I. Have. It. All!
So all YOU have to do is leave a comment below on who YOU would choose!
Dont worry you can take your time lol. 😜

I hope i havent made it too hard for you creepz to decide but... I only can post 10 pics at a time. 😑
You already know i would be posting the max 20 pics for you creepz to choose...
👉I guess I'lll post a second set later if this gets more than 75 UPVOTES! 👍


What do you think?

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  1. Awesome work here ASB! These past few months I’ve grown to like boobs more and more! They’re just so beautiful! And when they bounce omg… I chose the second girl cause her tits looked so firm. Definitely looks like they’d give a good bounce too!

    All these catches are great tho! Creep on!

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