Who Would You Choose?

Howzit fellow creepers!
This is another quiz post. So all you have to do is leave a comment below on who YOU would choose. Remember to pick only ONE girl!
And if this gets 5-7 comments,
I will post a SECOND SET!!!
As always mahaloz for everyone who completes my quizzes and BIG Ups to you!
Also I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Hello and thanks for the hard work in taking these pics and letting us jerk to them. The reason I choose the girl in dark jeans who looked asian hanging out with the white girl for two reason. One most asian girls I dealt with as a teen and as an adult have always been built really small down there making my manhood feel twice as big. When I was teen and hanging out with friends who would hook up with girls. No one would hook up with the Asian girls except me. The were easy and pretty much desperate for dick and attention. One in particular was a virgin at a the time. She would grind on me while I played with her tits, she came in seconds. In return she give me a hand job, omg that little slut had some magical hands. She jerked me good and let me cum in her hand, most girl would let me cum and get all messy because I usually would shot ropes of cum and it would get on me and her. But not that one catch every drop in her hand.


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