Young Sexy Cute Babe

Been noticing the VPL trending with these lil jb bitches.

Unfortunate cap in many ways. Black leggings suck…. the lighting  here is bleh … and these girls could not stand still for more than 10 seconds.. aside from the beginning.

I waited on these girls for like 15min to come out of a clothing store to track where they’d go. 

Oh well… still pretty hot imo. You can see how cute this sluts face is.. and got decent shots of her tight ass. Her friend is a hottie too but was covered up good. They were talking about cute boys and the sweat pants girl inviting the subject to some Halloween party. They sounded popular and were texting people on their phones as much as talking to each other. 

Someone ought to take away what innocence they’re still gripping on to still already…. 😉 maybe some jock who will use her body like a toy.. that she is… and clearly wants to be … lol 😉


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  1. Yeah theres definitely a VPL trend going around, its funny how all these little girls all have to do the same thing at the same time. although im not a huge fan of this trend (no underwear is always the best option) but it still can look sexy if done right like in this case

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