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Finally got this girl’s little ass! I actually tried getting her in 3 locations already. Each time her black leggings botched the shots. This time she wore grey! Lucky me. I’ve yet to see this girl not look totally slutty. She actually was sluttier the last times i saw her because she was wearing a tiny shirt as well as ass eating leggings. For such a sexy little slut she seemed embarrassed about my lusting. When i walked out we made eye contact… and she looked shy… and nervous…. im glad an older guy made this babe awkward. Maybe no one hasn’t informed the little slut yet what she’s doing displaying her body like she’s some sort of fuck toy. We can see her ass crack and her panties through those leggings… what a bad little girl…. someone ought to teach her a lesson… 


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  1. The pantyliner is fantastic on this girl. She has an amazing round butt. She’s wearing the mask for the same reason I do. I stuff a pair of used teen panties into the mask so that I can sniff the aromas while I’m in public and no one knows. I’d love to get a hold of this girl’s undies and line my mask with her pubescent scents.

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